What started off as a dream over coffee has become a reality for this dream team.

The birth of MIA’s first ever Musical started humbly with Rosali Peccia, Melissa Laursen and Shabana Husain’s passion for dancing, music and theatrics one morning over coffee in the fall of 2018. This dream team’s love for the classic musical Grease and its timeless tale of young love inspired them to embark on adapting the screenplay into a high school musical. This musical has been a labour of love for all three. The dynamic trio have worked tirelessly over the last several months; planning, revising and implementing their passion for the theatre into this production. They are very excited to have been involved in executing a musical production for the first time at MIA and are so happy to have had the opportunity to work with an amazing group of young people. The cast and crew have been sensational, working long hours in rehearsals and investing all their efforts into making this the best ever production seen at MIA so far!